I’ve met a ton of businesses over the last 35 years, and all of them are missing out on some easy-to-recapture earnings.

This short video will guide you through a process to see what your business is missing out on. And this can begin the process of putting that money into your business or into your pocket.

For best results, download the .png file so you can customize this assessment for your situation.

Download file: click here

If you can, before you begin, have these numbers handy:

  1. Average number of proposals you do in a month – times 12 – equals proposals per year.
  2. Average percentage of these you close in a year – for ex: 3 out of 10 = 30%
  3. Average earnings/profit for you from a new client in a year

If you want to discuss your results with me:

  1. complete the worksheet
  2. send it to me with a request for a Strategy Session
  3. I offer a few Complimentary Strategy Sessions each month. I’ll let you know if I can offer you a free call.

Good Luck!

Watch this Video to Grow Your Sales and Earnings