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Develop and Implement Tools that Build Your Income and Let Your Business Work for YOU
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How I Help You Grow Your Business

Get Referrals & Testimonials
Easy-to-create Systems that generate new client Introductions, great web reviews and testimonials from EVERY client
Get Massively Promoted
Learn how to get other Companies, Organization & Associations to Actively Promote Your Business
ReDesign Your Marketing
Create New Bundles, Design a VIP-level client program, offer creative financing options and longer-term engagements, adjust your payment terms. All of these can set you apart from your competition.

Build Your Personal Energy
As you increase self-awareness, and develop tools and habits to channel your energy and attention, you will give things the time and energy they need; but no more.

Stop spending time on things that are Urgent but not important!


After less than one year of working with Kevin, I’ve increased my revenue by over $50,000

Ryan B.Corey

Law Offices of Ryan B. Corey, LLC

Overall, these Coaching Conversations help me be more organized and stay focused and committed to our mission.

George A. Lemieux II

Lemieux & Associates

Working with Kevin has helped me shift my belief around being efficient, to a more powerful belief and behaviors around being EFFECTIVE.

Angela Burton

Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.

Within 60 days of working with Kevin, I learned to see that I was providing greater value to my clients than I thought and I have increased my monthly income by $2,200 without putting in any more hours!

Luc Richard

Finance Bank Ltd.

Prosperity is something for each of us to design that is unique to us