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a.k.a. 5 Simple Steps to Design and Create Your Own Prosperity

Here are the expanded exercises that go along with the book.

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Welcome and OverView

Thank you for joining us in this adventure.  Part of the promise of the book is that we are part of creating

“billions of loving touches and tons of grateful energy going out every day in workplaces all around the world”

Imagine being part of that AND taking your life and business to new heights of prosperity and freedom!

Imagine being excited about your business. Imagine that perfect opportunities and resources flow to you all the time. Imagine that your business really works for you – versus that you really work for your business.

What’s included in the OnLine content?

See those beautiful images over there on the right? Each page brings you to a new section with:

  • a welcoming video to introduce some key concepts and create some context for the exercises- located at the top left
  • an audio player- on the bottom right – with a story or a meditation to help you create sacred space for this piece
  • key ideas and results you can expect from this Step or section
  • downloadable exercises for you to go even deeper into creating your custom Prosperity plan

Go ahead and click! Feel free to jump into whatever section or Step pulls you. This process, like life, is not always linear.

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The Law of Attraction

“You are sending out energy all the time. This energy rides out on your thoughts, words, action and emotions.

You direct this power by where you put your attention“

Remember these key concepts and practices about The Law of Attraction:

  • The more you Think, Speak and Act about something, the more you will attract it
  • The more Attention you give to something, the more you will attract it
  • The more Emotional Energy you put into something the more you attract it
  • The more CLARITY you have about something the more you will attract it
  • Gratitude accelerates the process
  • Sharing GOOD NEWS attracts more.

Where have you been putting the energy and attention of your thought, word and action?

In this section, there are OverView questions, an audio story and then two exercises:

The audio story “No Debt” can be listened to by clicking the icon under the links at the right.

The two exercises can be downloaded as .pdf files from below and they are:

1. Wheel of Satisfaction – gives you a snapshot of what you are attracting in this moment and
2. Current Situation Journal – [coming soon] helps you see how you are attracting things now

OverView Questions

What are the biggest things going on in your life now?
What 2 or 3 things are getting the most of your attention?
What do you talk about most?
What activities take up most of your day?
Do you have clarity about what you desire in your life?
What are your primary emotional states? Happy Agitated Joyful Angry Grateful Worried?

The following exercises create new ways for  you to see many aspects of your life, your world and your feelings to gain insight around what you’ve been attracting.

Exercise: Wheel of Satisfaction

The result of this exercise is to give you a quick graphical way to see what you have been attracting in your life. The 2nd .pdf file is the Wheel to fill in.

Exercise: Current Situation Journal (CSJ) [coming soon]

You created all this – you can re-create yourself using the same Law of Attraction process, but now with your awareness and choice!

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Step 1 – Your Daily Energy

[Excerpt from “Energize Your Business with the Law of Attraction”]

“Everything required to create anything in your life is already here. If something is “missing” you need to raise your energy level to the energy of what you desire. This applies whether you desire more money, more free time, better employees, a better relationship, more ease or peace. Your greatest resource is your energy level. Do you pay attention to it?“

Below are 3 Exercises you can download that help you build and maintain higher and higher levels of energy throughout your days. Just click the button next to the Exercise you want and the .pdf document will show up. When you’re done with any or all of these exercises, you can share your results, A-HAs and breakthroughs with other Spiritual Entrepreneurs:

on a TeleGroup or TeleClass, or

or at a WorkShop

or if you’d to explore what came up with me in a One-on-One session

Exercise: Daily Energy JournalDownload PDF

The result of this practice is to increase awareness of your energy. This includes checking in with how you feel in your body- Physical Energy, as well as checking in emotionally- Emotional Energy. You can either do this check in with yourself at random times through the day, or if you notice yourself getting emotionally tweaked, or feeling peak, or anytime that you feel something shift, up or down; that’s a good time to check in.

Exercise: Your Daily Energy Calendar

The result of this practice is to purposefully add things into your days and weeks, at home and at work, that build and maintain your energy. And bring balance and JOY! It’s so easy to get busy and go without things that bring us fun and lightness and renewal. Build them into your calendar.

Exercise: Tolerations – Reduction and Elimination

The result of this practice is to reclaim energy that you put into things day-to-day, that don’t necessarily serve you anymore. The is a very simple practice and can create amazing amounts of movement and new energy for you. What are Tolerations? some examples are:

  • Having a dirty car, a messy office, unclean house, dirty windows
  • Incomplete projects
  • Unspoken communications
  • Debt
  • Bad Boss
  • Bad Job
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Not enough money
  • Relationship isn’t working
  • Cost of Mortgage, Insurance, Cable TV, etc

The quick lesson is either change the thing or change how you are feeling about it (usually resisting it)[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Your Business Impact” tab_id=”1524702824345-f42aeee2-0578″][vc_column_text 0=””]

Step 2 -Your Business and Its Impact

[Excerpt from “Energize Your Business with the Law of Attraction”]

“When you define your Business Impact, you develop a competitive advantage that’s very hard to beat and you create powerful attractor energy that begins bringing you Ideal Clients and Ideal Partners”

As more and more business people get clear about their Impact and the deeper service they provide; and see themselves as part of a global inter-connected network, we begin to live the promise of this book:

“There would be billions of loving touches and tons of grateful energy going out every day in workplaces all around the world”

The exercise below leads you through a journey into your own business. As a Spiritual Entrepreneur, you answer this question for yourself and your business:

What is your business – Really?

Not just at the superficial level of a quick answer. But at the level of service and the difference you and your business make in the life and work of your clients. And you want to look at the impact you get and the results you create in your own life. Give yourself some time with this exercise. You may want to put it down after you work on it a bit and revisit it every day for a few days to see what bubbles up and shifts for you.

It always helps to have some reflection and feedback when you do a piece of work like this. You can hear how other Spiritual Entrepreneurs are answering this question on a TeleGroup or TeleClass or at a WorkShop or if you’d like some help with this in a One-on-One session

Exercise: Business Impact Statement GeneratorDownload PDF

The result of this practice is to create a story – first to tell yourself, and then to share with the world. The words of this story connect you to all the benefits and feelings created when you and your clients do business.
The Statement that you create will be a touchstone for you. It will light you up and inspire you. The more you revisit your statement and read it and feel it, the more magnetizing energy you send out. Your words attract to you the desires that are contained in the Statement.

Exercise: Your Huge Impact- Follow On JournalingDownload PDF

This is the Journaling exercise that goes along with the meditation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Your Ideal Clients” tab_id=”1524702973543-36c234b5-1d4e”][vc_column_text 0=””]

Step 3 – Attracting Your Ideal Clients and Ideal Partners

[Excerpt from “Energize Your Business with the Law of Attraction”]

“Who is most able to receive the Impact that you want to offer? Who will value it the most? The answer is: Your Ideal Clients.”

We often say “we want more clients.”

According to the Law of Attraction, the Universe will comply with that request. The only problem is that we’ll get all kinds of clients, not necessarily the ones we really want. Life and business get much simpler and happier when your clients are the kind you prefer. Why shouldn’t you get to pick your clients? Why have clients that don’t appreciate you and that you don’t love working with? Imagine if all of your business energy was reserved for Ideal Clients only.

After you complete this exercise, you may want to connect with other Spiritual Entrepreneurs or go a little deeper on a TeleGroup or TeleClass, or at a WorkShop or you can explore what you discovered and how to take it into action with me in a One-on-One session.

Exercise: Ideal Client DesignDownload PDFDownload PDF

The result of this practice is to create extreme clarity of the Ideal Clients that we want to attract to our business. The first download on the right is the exercise description and the second download is the Ideal Client Matrix to be used for this exercise.
Click below to see an example of the Ideal Client Matrix (opens in a new window)

Exercise: Your Ideal Partners [coming soon]

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Your Business Systems” tab_id=”1524703025975-23c27a95-1cd6″][vc_column_text 0=””]

Step 4 – Your Business Systems

“When you systemize your business processes, tasks take less time and results are more consistent…. Creating smart business systems also sends a message that you are open for business and ready for more clients”

The differences between a business with formal, clearly defined systems and a business without them are stark. Whether you are a client, employee, vendor, or the boss; having clearly written systems will make a tremendous difference in the relationship between energy-in and results-out. As a business owner, the difference is between doing the same job day in and day out, versus creating free time and extra resources for you to invest in your life. Now, whether you invest your time and money back in your business or in time for yourself or with those you care for; that’s up to you!

The first thing to understand is that all businesses have lots and lots of systems. Your system for filing may be to let mail pile up until it falls off your desk, and then move it into the pile called “things that have fallen off my desk” etc. That is a system. And like all systems, it will have an impact on the people that work there (especially you) and everyone who comes into contact with that organization.

When you complete this exercise, you might want to check in with other Spiritual Entrepreneurs to brainstorm about their new systems. To learn about other ways to deepen in this practice, click below:

on a TeleGroup or TeleClass, or

or at a WorkShop

or if you’d to explore what came up with me in a One-on-One session[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Miracle Manifesting Plan” tab_id=”1524703058513-1d1903f7-0896″][vc_column_text 0=””]

Step 5 – Your Miracle Manifesting Plan

[Excerpt from “Energize Your Business with the Law of Attraction”]

“To receive the higher energy results you desire, you need to increase your energy to match. This step is how you do it”

When you’re done with any or all of these exercises, you can share your results, A-HAs and breakthroughs with other Spiritual Entrepreneurs:

on a TeleGroup or TeleClass, or

or at a WorkShop

or if you’d to explore what came up with me in a One-on-One session

Exercise: Your Miracle Manifesting Plan 

Audio Meditation: Knowledge vs. the Unknown [coming soon]