Maybe you have been to Teotihuacan before. Maybe not. But either way, you have probably experienced magic and light and ‘peak’ moments in life. On our journeys to the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, there are moments of subtle energetic experiences and mind-altering breakthroughs. And PEAK moments that remind of us our true nature:

“We are beings of mind and spirit,

heart and head,

material flesh and incorporeal divinity”

In Teo, it is simple to access our spirit, heart and divinity.

Back home, it is easy to access our mind, our head and our flesh.

The challenge is to meld and mingle these parts of ourselves, more often, with more awareness, more choice and with more joy and love.

To address this challenge head-on, we are offering the Teotihuacan Power Journey, all-inclusive (except you pay for flight to Mexico)

at the usual price of our past trips. And in addition to the 6-day trip, you are also invited to a

90 Day Integrating Love, Peace and Compassion Program

This would be a $1,500 Program all by itself. But for those signing up in September, we are including this 90 Day Program for FREE

Included in the price of just the Teo Trip

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  • 2 Times each Month for 90 days after the Teo Trip:
  • Integrating Love, Peace and Compassion TeleCommunity Calls
  • Custom homework, actions and challenges to share progress and deepen this Integration
  • FREE Bonus offers from participating teachers
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Here is a preview of some of the content of the 90 Day Journey:

The first step when we decide to take our happiness into our own hands is identifying a core belief that is actually diminishing our happiness. I will refer to these beliefs as FIBS–  Falsely Imprinted Belief Systems.  These FIBS were most often agreed to without our awareness when we were children learning how to navigate and live in the world into which we were born. FIBS exist as a result of experiences with our parents, siblings, the mores and folkways of our culture, our conditioning, what we were told about ourselves, our perception of ourselves as we compared ourselves to others, and many other variables, many of which we don’t remember. As we sharpen our awareness, notice when we are triggered by circumstances, the comments of others, and are stuck in the mind loops on auto pilot in our heads, , we bring these FIBS into the lightfor cleaning up and letting go.

When we believe what others say about us, and react, it is because underneath we are judging ourselves and agree, The bigger the reaction the greater the agreement. When we agree to experience ourselves from awareness and unconditional love with no judgment, our world  changes

In this first part of the ninety day program you will be guided to do an inventory of your personal FIBS and recognize the way they are limiting you, let go, and create new beliefs that are authentically in your integrity. We uncover the old stories and patterns that are established in the body and the mind and bring these into our awareness so that you can see them as an option, not as an Inevitability or default reaction. We learn to recognize these Old Beliefs– FIBS and uncovering their origin and the patterns of past behavior, thoughts and feelings that reinforced these FIBS over time. We learn to notice the triggers that bring renewed energy to these FIBS, and clean them up. We learn to shine the light of awareness so we respond to situations instead of react, and create drama. With this awareness we focus on creating life in the present based on who we are today without the baggage of the past that was not even ours to begin with. How does it get any better than that.

Call 1 – Waking up to Your Dreaming MindIn this call we will break down and make it simple for clear understanding. I have one, you have one. We all havea programmed or conditioned mind. As long as we don’t have awareness of what it does, why it does it,we don’t getto experience personal freedom.  Waking up to the voices in your head, knowing who’s talking and who’s listeningis the first step in living the life you desire

The 5 Characteristics of Your Dreaming mind

1. it judges

2. it compares

3. it finds ways to find your better than or less than

4. it focus on the past or future….not so much on present

5. it believes everything it thinks.


Homework – Listen, respond, don’t believe.


Call 2- Your Brilliant Heart


Why it is the remedy to the conditioned mind. You have one, I have one, we all have a brilliant heart,

just waiting for us to turn inward and ignite it.

1. The 2 tracks for your attention

2. Why feeling is healing

3. Making choice for your attention.

4. Why identifying your heart’s desire can transform your life

Guided meditation into the sensations of the body.

  1. Call 1 – Using the Tools for Transformation from The Four Agreements Companion Book
    (I might also talk about the Dream of the Second Attention, if someone talks about the Dream of the First Attention earlier)Roll Out the Power of Using the Word, Emotions, Sensation, and Imagination to seed a new dream.Explain about writing and feeling and creating a new practice for 21 days using:
    Action and
    RepititionAsk people to pick a topic/challenge/goal in their lives to test this:
    Work, Relationship, Well-being, health, finance etc.
    Give the rules for writing, i.e. Present Tense, High sense, emotional language that EXCITES!
    and sends tingles up the spine.Assignment is for people to write the 4-part Tools Treatment for their issue/topic,
    and use it, edit it, feel it, review it, etc
    Read it morning, noon and night or more and FEEL IT!
    Take appropriate action