Webinar / MASTERMIND for Business

I'm offering this ZOOM Group call for free until we can get back to business out in the world.

A Typical Call Agenda:

We start with laser GOOD NEWS and GRATITUDES
We let folks know who we are and what we do - in 15 seconds
We talk about Challenges and Opportunities through the lens of GREAT TOPICS
We end with Live Coaching and a Q&A Session to make the Topic ACTIONABLE in your life and business!
This post-topic session is free and available to all until further notice.

100% FREE 

Time: 10:29 a.m. every other Friday in the NYC timezone

Platform: ZOOM

RSVP: Click the blue button to reserve a seat

Cost: Zero $ (while this situation lasts)

Finish time: ?60-90 minutes likely

100% FREE - Next Session is Starting SOON!

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