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How to ReCreate at 58 (or any age)

I've been re-creating myself, my work and my businesses for over 35 years. I'm doing it again on the eve of my 58th birthday.

Let's do this together!


1st and 3rd Thursday mornings at 10:00 USA East Coast time.


Work together with others recreating their future...

  • 2 TeleGroup Calls monthly

    Each call goes between 75 to 90 minutes.

    Be prepared to take notes and be prepared to share.

    In these calls, we will share GOOD NEWS as well as share our challenges.

    We’ll explore your expertise and help you OWN IT!

    We’ll look at your markets and industries and see who else would benefit from your knowledge.

    We’ll look at how “portable” is your skill set?

  • Free Transcripts & Recordings

    If you can’t make a call, no worries.

    Calls will be recorded and available to members. Your privacy will be respected. No last names used.

    You’ll also get a written transcript of each call so you won’t miss out if you can’t join one.

    You can also review the AHAs and Insights again and again.

  • Bonuses, Videos and Blogs

    As soon as you sign up, I’ll send you my EBook for free: “Energize Your Business – with the Law of Attraction”

    You’ll also receive additional ideas and inspiration from Kevin in addition to the primary call content.

    In your second month, you’re also entitled to a Complimentary Discovery Session one-on-one with Kevin. This is a $600 value.

What are the different ways you could earn besides a job i.e. salaried position?

We'll look at COACHING, CONSULTING, being an Author, a Speaker and other ways to earn a living (and maybe work less hours) once you own your expertise.

Important DISCLOSURE Notice:

We will be working with the Mind. As we engage the future and the successes we are desiring, we will be looking at how the Mind may interfere with that.

We will be exploring DOUBT, FEAR, FAILURE and other forms of belief that may not support us.

And yet they are part of us.

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