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Complimentary High Performance Strategy Session

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A. Miles McNamee, Vice President, Licensing and Business Development

"Kevin helps me... keep my Teams focused and productive. Talking with Kevin provides a unique perspective and helps me look at life's issues from different points of view, instead of the one point of view I have come to rely on. Working with Kevin provides me a "safe space" to talk about everything that is going on in my life both professionally and personally That is a rare treat to have someone that you can talk to about everything.”

A. Miles McNamee, Vice President, Licensing and Business Development, Copyright Clearance Center
George A. Lemieux II, Founder and President

“Within the first few calls with Kevin, I made some changes to how I manage my communications and how I set up my work environment. These ‘small shifts’ have made and continue to make a big difference in my focus and attention on what is most important in driving revenue growth and supporting our team. Overall, these Coaching Conversations help me be more organized and stay focused and committed to our mission.”

George A. Lemieux II, Founder and President, Lemieux & Associates
Angela Burton, Senior Branch Manager

“Working with Kevin has helped me shift my belief around being efficient, to a more powerful belief and behaviors around being EFFECTIVE. Even simple shifts like breathing exercises and changing from soda to water have not only made a difference to my energy, but my Team has noticed changes in my energy and presence. The practices Kevin shares also help me to have energy for myself and my family when I get home, vs. having an empty tank at the end of the day. He has helped me focus on the most strategic business needs and helps me be a more effective leader.”

Angela Burton, Senior Branch Manager, Liberty Mutual