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Receive Successful Coach Marketing Tools Every Month

Each month, you'll get new, proven Coach Business Marketing Tools. You'll get document templates to make it easy to customize for your Special Niches and Clients. This process saves you hundreds of hours of trying things out on your own. Use the group's history of successes! (these Turnkey Marketing materials alone are a $2,400 monthly value)


Enjoy the Camaraderie and the GROUP ENERGY Every Month in our Live TeleConference Group

Of course, we'll record it for you, but these Live calls are where you take your 'field' work and client conversations to the NEXT LEVEL! Imagine a whole group of High Performance Coaches supporting you, and you get to support them! (A MasterMind seat in a Specialty Group like this is an $800 value per month)

Each month, you get a One-on-One Laser Coaching Session with Kevin Murray, the Founder of this High Performance Coaching Marketing MasterMind Group.

This is usually a 30-minute laser-focused session for you to go deep and in depth into any issues, ideas or strategic support you may need to kick your outreach campaigns into HIGH GEAR! (this alone is a $400 value per month)

Our Monthly TeleConference Agenda


    We start every call with a GOOD NEWS check-in. As we create the practice of sharing Good News, and we know that we are expected to bring some to every call, we naturally begin to look for it throughout our months. And guess what? When you start to look for and pay attention to Good News…. more good news shows up! It’s really magical!

  • Successes

    Then we share the SUCCESSES we have created, whether Client wins, new Client attraction, or Partner successes where we are leveraging our Influence to create Multiplied results.

  • Opportunities and Ideas

    We kick around our new thoughts and we can share opportunities we might have to introduce each other to powerful Affiliates or other influencers that can put us in front of many potential clients.

More Agenda Items

  • Help and Challenges

    If your stuck with something or can’t make progress with a client, or need help enrolling more clients, that’s what we are here for! That’s how this group can keep you moving forward. Bring your challenges and frustrations, and turn them into new insights for how to move your business forward.


    And we’ll share how we keep our ENERGY up! We’ll need a lot of energy to support the COURAGE that we will display on this accelerated path.

  • Promises and Commitments

    When you make Promises and Commitments to the Group; for tasks and actions that you will accomplish in the next month between calls, this Commitment magnetizes you and accelerates the attraction of new clients and partners. This is powerful mojo people!

"I was struggling with the startup phase of my business, particularly website construction, chunking down the initial action steps, and trying to make the the most productive use of limited financial resources. Kevin’s technical knowledge, business savvy, coaching expertise and strategic planning shifted a daunting task to a stress-free, organized, logical and creative expression of my work. Boundless Gratitude!"

Michele Laub
Michele Laub Guided Light Transformations

“I used to think I was overcharging my clients. Within 60 days of working with Kevin, I learned to see that I was providing greater value to my clients than I thought and I have increased my monthly income by $2,200 without putting in any more hours!Kevin helps take me safely out of my comfort zone, and helps me in creating a more mature presence in my business.”

Luc Richard
Luc Richard Attack-a-Crack

“Following Kevin’s systems, I had my best month in 10 years, more than double my previous best month”

Marc Gian
Marc Gian Marc Gian, L.M.T. Lic Ac.

It's 100% Money Back Guaranteed

Any time, after you've received all of the Download documents, and up to 7 days after the first MasterMind TeleConference call, if you decide that you don't enjoy this GROUP ENERGY and you don't want to receive new Marketing Templates and Practices every month, I'll return every penny to you - no questions asked.

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100% Money Back Full Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not thrilled and certain that this group is for you, you can all your money back. Period.

So, what does this cost?

Consulting in Company

    When I do this work as a Consultant inside an organization, my fee is $25,000 per month, and that's just part time.

    One-on-One Coaching

      With one-on-one clients this is a $10,000 annual investment.


      I originally thought to offer this for $797 per month, but one of our Coaching brothers suggested that $397 would be a better price, so that's what we are going with.

      only $397 per month

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