Energize Your Business

Step 3: Attracting Your Ideal Clients and Ideal Partners

[Excerpt from “Energize Your Business with the Law of Attraction”]

“Who is most able to receive the Impact that you want to offer? Who will value it the most? The answer is: Your Ideal Clients.”

We often say “we want more clients.”

According to the Law of Attraction, the Universe will comply with that request. The only problem is that we’ll get all kinds of clients, not necessarily the ones we really want. Life and business get much simpler and happier when your clients are the kind you prefer. Why shouldn’t you get to pick your clients? Why have clients that don’t appreciate you and that you don’t love working with? Imagine if all of your business energy was reserved for Ideal Clients only.

After you complete this exercise, you may want to connect with other Spiritual Entrepreneurs or go a little deeper on a TeleGroup or TeleClass, or at a WorkShop or you can explore what you discovered and how to take it into action with me in a One-on-One session.

Exercise: Ideal Client Design

The result of this practice is to create extreme clarity of the Ideal Clients that we want to attract to our business. The first download on the left is the exercise description and the second download is the Ideal Client Matrix to be used for this exercise.

Exercise: Your Ideal Partners [coming soon]

Energize Your Business

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