Energize Your Business

Step 1: Your Daily Energy

[Excerpt from “Energize Your Business with the Law of Attraction”]

“Everything required to create anything in your life is already here. If something is “missing” you need to raise your energy level to the energy of what you desire. This applies whether you desire more money, more free time, better employees, a better relationship, more ease or peace. Your greatest resource is your energy level. Do you pay attention to it?“

Below are 3 Exercises that help you build and maintain higher and higher levels of energy throughout your days. When you’re done with any or all of these exercises, you can share your results, A-HAs and breakthroughs with with me in a One-on-One session.

Exercise: Daily Energy Journal

The result of this practice is to increase awareness of your energy. This includes checking in with how you feel in your body- Physical Energy, as well as checking in emotionally- Emotional Energy. You can either do this check in with yourself at random times through the day, or if you notice yourself getting emotionally tweaked, or feeling peak, or anytime that you feel something shift, up or down; that’s a good time to check in.

Exercise: Your Daily Energy Calendar

The result of this practice is to purposefully add things into your days and weeks, at home and at work, that build and maintain your energy. And bring balance and JOY! It’s so easy to get busy and go without things that bring us fun and lightness and renewal. Build them into your calendar.

Exercise: Tolerations – Reduction and Elimination

The result of this practice is to reclaim energy that you put into things day-to-day, that don’t necessarily serve you anymore. The is a very simple practice and can create amazing amounts of movement and new energy for you. What are Tolerations? some examples are:

  • Having a dirty car, a messy office, unclean house, dirty windows
  • Incomplete projects
  • Unspoken communications
  • Debt
  • Bad Boss
  • Bad Job
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Not enough money
  • Relationship isn’t working
  • Cost of Mortgage, Insurance, Cable TV, etc

The quick lesson is either change the thing or change how you are feeling about it (usually resisting it) 

Energize Your Business

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