Energize Your Business

Step 4: Your Business Systems

[Excerpt from “Energize Your Business with the Law of Attraction”]

“When you systemize your business processes, tasks take less time and results are more consistent…. Creating smart business systems also sends a message that you are open for business and ready for more clients”

The differences between a business with formal, clearly defined systems and a business without them are stark. Whether you are a client, employee, vendor, or the boss; having clearly written systems will make a tremendous difference in the relationship between energy-in and results-out. As a business owner, the difference is between doing the same job day in and day out, versus creating free time and extra resources for you to invest in your life. Now, whether you invest your time and money back in your business or in time for yourself or with those you care for; that’s up to you!

Systems are very individual for each business. There are some sample System and SOP (standard operating procedure) documents I've created for clients - samples down below. If you want to discuss your business systems, and how to improve them to better care for clients and to increase your profitability and business value, request a FREE strategy session with me here.

The first thing to understand is that all businesses have lots and lots of systems. Your system for filing may be to let mail pile up until it falls off your desk, and then move it into the pile called “things that have fallen off my desk” etc. That is a system. And like all systems, it will have an impact on the people that work there (especially you) and everyone who comes into contact with that organization.

The Client Engagement model is a good example of having a TOP-Level business perspective as you work ON your business as opposed to working IN your business.

This is a Client-focused Step by Step process for a contractor that integrates field visits, sales process and office systems.

Energize Your Business

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