Energize Your Business: Foundations

Step 2: Your Business and Its Impact

[Excerpt from “Energize Your Business with the Law of Attraction”]

“When you define your Business Impact, you develop a competitive advantage that’s very hard to beat and you create powerful attractor energy that begins bringing you Ideal Clients and Ideal Partners”

As more and more business people get clear about their Impact and the deeper service they provide; and see themselves as part of a global inter-connected network, we begin to live the promise of this book:

“There would be billions of loving touches and tons of grateful energy going out every day in workplaces all around the world”

The exercise below leads you through a journey into your own business. As a Spiritual Entrepreneur, you answer this question for yourself and your business:

What is your business – Really?

Not just at the superficial level of a quick answer. But at the level of service and the difference you and your business make in the life and work of your clients. And you want to look at the impact you get and the results you create in your own life. Give yourself some time with this exercise. You may want to put it down after you work on it a bit and revisit it every day for a few days to see what bubbles up and shifts for you.

It always helps to have some reflection and feedback when you do a piece of work like this. You can hear how other Spiritual Entrepreneurs are answering this question on a TeleGroup or TeleClass or at a WorkShop or if you’d like some help with this in a One-on-One session

Exercise: Business Impact Statement Generator

The result of this practice is to create a story – first to tell yourself, and then to share with the world. The words of this story connect you to all the benefits and feelings created when you and your clients do business.
The Statement that you create will be a touchstone for you. It will light you up and inspire you. The more you revisit your statement and read it and feel it, the more magnetizing energy you send out. Your words attract to you the desires that are contained in the Statement.

Exercise: Your Huge Impact- Follow On Journaling

This is the Journaling exercise that goes along with the meditation. 

Feeling & knowing now the IMPACT that you are and will be- 

will fuel all of your creations.

Touch your heart, and begin to write about the IMPACT that you felt from these people.

Do not edit or think, just let your pen flow across the paper, and dump out all the thoughts, words, messages and feelings that you experienced in this meditation.

What did they get from you?

What did you give to them?

Go for the emotional and relational aspects of the IMPACT.

What was the quality of the relationship?

What could they count on you for?

Who did you be for them?

Keep writing, and then write some more.....

When you are done, go back and see what you read, and try to sift out the Golden Nuggets that will help you create this IMPACT now in everyone you touch.

Thank you for taking the risk to share yourself in this way

Energize Your Business

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