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The Law of Attraction

“You are sending out energy all the time. This energy rides out on your thoughts, words, action and emotions.

You direct this power by where you put your attention“

Remember these key concepts and practices about The Law of Attraction:

  • The more you Think, Speak and Act about something, the more you will attract it
  • The more Attention you give to something, the more you will attract it
  • The more Emotional Energy you put into something the more you attract it
  • The more CLARITY you have about something the more you will attract it
  • Gratitude accelerates the process
  • Sharing GOOD NEWS attracts more.

Where have you been putting the energy and attention of your thought, word and action?

In this section, there are OverView questions, an audio story and then two exercises:

The audio story “No Debt” can be listened to by clicking the icon under the links at the left.

The two exercises can be downloaded as .pdf files from left links and they are:

1. Wheel of Satisfaction – gives you a snapshot of what you are attracting in this moment and
2. Current Situation Journal – [coming soon] helps you see how you are attracting things now

OverView Questions

What are the biggest things going on in your life now?
What 2 or 3 things are getting the most of your attention?
What do you talk about most?
What activities take up most of your day?
Do you have clarity about what you desire in your life?
What are your primary emotional states? Happy Agitated Joyful Angry Grateful Worried?

The following exercises create new ways for  you to see many aspects of your life, your world and your feelings to gain insight around what you’ve been attracting.

Exercise: Wheel of Satisfaction

The result of this exercise is to give you a quick graphical way to see what you have been attracting in your life. The 2nd .pdf file is the Wheel to fill in.

Exercise: Current Situation Journal (CSJ) [coming soon]

You created all this – you can re-create yourself using the same Law of Attraction process, but now with your awareness and choice!

Energize Your Business

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