Strategic and Energetic Coaching for Business Owners and Sales Professionals

Create a Safe Place to discuss anything and everything that is going on with your life and business.

What could you work on with your Coach?

  • Sales & Margin Growth and Business Value Expansion

    Getting bigger may NOT be getting more VALUABLE. Do you know the  most important measurements to create the greatest value for your business?

  • Personal, Family & Legacy Issues

    We all have competing needs outside of our “core” business. How well do you manage your time and attention for all of the important things in life?

  • Your Productivity

    Your greatest asset is your ability to focus on the most important projects in front of you today. Do you have daily and weekly habits for planning your time and energy?

  • Building Your Employees & Key Managers

    Your team can give you your greatest leverage. Are you finding, growing and retaining the best people?

  • Working with Business Partner Challenges

    Our business partners can be tremendous assets, and they can cause us a lot of sleepless nights. How clear is your communication and relationship with your partners?

  • Selling & Marketing Systems

    Formal Systems create repeatable and count-on-able results for your clients and your bottom line. Do you have clear systems, in writing, that are used?

  • New Product & Service Offerings

    “Adjacent’ product & service offerings are a fast way to grow revenue and margin. What have you considered as extra value that you can bring to your clients?

  • Joint Venture Strategies and Merger & Acquisition Planning

    Growing your client list organically is wonderful. Have you taken advantage of Leveraged Joint Ventures and considered strategic acquisitions?

  • Finding Peace Amidst the Chaos

    You have a lot on your plate with business and life commitments. How do you give yourself time and attention for rest, relaxation, renewal and reflection?

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